Saturday, June 09, 2012

Just Say "No" To Training Wheels

When we first decided to get Charlotte a balance bike, I was impressed by the videos I saw of other children riding them. She had a bit of a late start, but picked up on it once she had enough time and is really great on it, able to keep up with children years older than her.

I've been a big promoter of these bikes, despite some criticism by naysayers, and even being called a "balance bike snob". But honestly, when I see the successes, I'm more than confident in the fact that balance bikes are the way to go.

Here's a recent video of William (just a couple of months over two years old) and Charlotte riding their Strider bikes!

Why should you get your child a balance bike?
  • It's a bike/toy your kids will love. When your child discovers the mobility and speed they can have on a balance bike, they won't want to ride anything else.
  • They're light. Even small bikes with pedals and training wheels are heavier than a toddler or preschooler can handle. Our Striders are light enough for a two-year-old to pick up.
  • No teaching required. Kids get comfortable on their own and balancing comes naturally. The days of Dad running behind the bike are over!
  • Your child will be well ahead of most other children, and you'll be proud to see them zooming around having fun.
  • There is something special about learning to balance, and your child will show a level of excitement when they figure it out that you won't see from them riding anything else.
So, just say "No" to training wheels! Before you buy pedal bikes, tricycles, or anything else that's going to sit in the corner of your yard, go out and buy a Strider balance bike. It's the best $100 you'll spend on outdoor equipment for your child.

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