Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 Winter Swiss Chess Tournament

I played in a local chess tournament that ran for a number of weeks during November and December. With fifteen players, it was an above average turnout, and I had a great time, and some really good games.

Tournament Results

The tournament set a few new milestones for me. First, you'll notice that my new rating is also the highest I've achieved to date. Second, I'm no longer the lowest rated player in the club, something that was the case for quite a while. And third and probably most importantly, it's the first time I've scored two wins in a single tournament.

2011 has been a good year for me in terms of chess, and I've been able to play in a number of tournaments. My plan for 2012 is to continue to play in tournaments regularly, keep improving my play, and keep my performance and rating on an upward trend.


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Anonymous Susanna said...

Congratulations, Andrew!

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