Thursday, September 29, 2011

City Centre Library

We heard there was a new library in Surrey, so earlier this week we took the kids for an evening outing to take a look. The library is located near the Surrey Central skytrain station in a really modern-looking building. The inside of the library is very large, with a number of meeting rooms, study areas, and even a coffee shop.

A view from the top floor.

As you can see, the library has a very modern theme. It's very clean looking, a lot of white -- one might even say it's a bit cold.

William trying out a cozy chair.

Scattered throughout the library are various chairs and benches, many of them quite unique. The fact that the library has 77,000 sq ft of space means there should be ample room to relax, browse, and read.

Charlotte and William in the kids area.

The kids section has some nice reading areas, a number of computers to play with, and a bit of a play area. As seen in the above photo, lining the walls are interesting displays for kids to peek into.

Overall I was pretty impressed. I really like the idea of a library having a coffee shop, which I hope brings in revenue for the library system. Instead of being a place to simply read or get books, this library feels more like a place to spend some time.

The area directly around the Surrey Central skytrain station is a bit sketchy, but hopefully with the new city hall being built nearby, and more improvements throughout the area, it should really start becoming a great place to go.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

William: 18 Months Old

William is 18 months old today! That's 1.5 years for those who aren't in the baby stage and aren't counting in months.

So, what's new with William? He's picking up a few words, which is really nice. He's daring, active, full of personality, and is always wearing a smile.

He also loves, loves, loves to eat! Rumor has it he ate 3 hot dog wieners, a cheese slice, and half a dozen marshmallows in a single sitting.

Here are three photos specially selected to show you what he's like these days!

Big boy.

Really getting active these days!

In the studio.

Watch for the next post for William in March 2012!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

August 2011 Slideshow

The photo albums keep coming, and we have finally caught up after getting behind by quite a few months.

We are happy to share our August 2011 Slideshow! What you will notice about this album is that it is loaded with children and family activities. Due to the fact that I was off work, we had a lot more opportunity to get out and do things during the days and really enjoy the summer. August had some really nice weather too, so it made for a lot of great adventures and photos.


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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11: Ten Years Later


As I write my yearly blog post for September 11th, I wonder what other bloggers will be writing, and what people will be talking about or thinking. The usual "Can you believe it's been ten years?" or "Where were you on Sept 11, 2001?" no doubt, but there are other things on my mind.

Did the world learn its lesson from the terrorist attack ten years ago today? Have we acted on what we know? And what are we doing about it today?

Ask yourself these questions, and if you aren't satisfied with the way things are, what are you going to do about it? It doesn't take a lot of effort. Vote for someone who believes in protecting what we have and isn't afraid to stand up or speak out. Make a plan for protecting you and your family. Boycott the people, products, businesses, or anything else related to those who continue hostility towards freedom, whether on a global scale or in your own neighbourhood.

I'm moving on. I don't mean I'm forgetting about 9/11. I'm just going to stop looking backwards and start looking forward at what I can do to make things better, and I hope you'll do the same.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Greater Vancouver Zoo

A few weeks ago, Natasha took Charlotte and William to the zoo, along with a few friends. The kids really enjoyed the zoo in Edmonton, and we thought it would be nice to see what the Greater Vancouver Zoo was like. As it turns out, it rather exceeded expectations!

We bring you a mainly pictorial report, with a few comments. Enjoy!

Smiles all around -- the zoo is fun!

The zoo train.

This train is top quality and takes you around the entire zoo for a good tour. It also comes with a price tag, and you need to book a specific time. They didn't make it onto the train this time, but next time we'll ride it.


Charlotte likes to get close!

The cheetah, Charlotte's favorite!

Giraffes! Natasha's favorite zoo animal.

Cutie giraffe!

Charlotte sitting on the elephant statue.

William sitting on the gorilla statue.

Up next, we have the birds of prey! They put on some very impressive shows, and we have some videos to go along with the photos. Be sure to watch the owl video!


Zoo not exciting? Watch this video!

Another bird of prey...

... and a video of it!

All the Mom's and kids. Good time had by all.

So that's the Greater Vancouver Zoo in twelve pictures and two videos. If you're wondering whether or not it's worth it, hopefully these give you a good idea. As for us, we'll probably end up buying a yearly pass and take the kids there on a more regular basis. It's an inexpensive, enjoyable, and educational outing!

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Saturday, September 03, 2011

June And July 2011 Albums

Summer is coming to a close, and we are working on quite a bit of content over the next while to share with you. We always want to keep our photo albums up to date, so here are two more for your viewing enjoyment. These albums are absolutely stuffed with great pictures that really give a good insight into our travels, and times with friends and family.

June 2011 Slideshow
July 2011 Slideshow

Also note that we have updated Charlotte's Corner and William's Wall, both to be found in the sidebar. There are now 182 photos of Charlotte and 72 for William, and they rotate randomly.

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