Thursday, November 25, 2010

William: Eight Months

It seems like we just posted his seven months, but here we are at eight months!

Our little boy, William.

Yes, he's not a baby anymore, but a little boy. He's got four teeth (two top, two bottom), and has been working towards crawling for a while. He hasn't made it there yet, but just today we discovered him being able to sit himself up from laying, so we dropped his crib mattress to the lowest setting.

William is starting to interact with more things around him, and especially Charlotte. He laughs when Charlotte makes noises at him while at the table, and they both splash water everywhere when in the bath. We're really looking forward to the next six months when they will start to be able to do a whole lot more together.

Happy Eight Months, William! A year is coming soon, and nine months sooner!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Charlotte: Two And A Half

Charlotte is two and a half years old today! Once she got past a year, we stopped posting monthly, and the differences between these posts is impressive. Here are a couple of great photos from the last few days.

Charlotte loves trying new things, like playing in the snow!

Our little sweetie!

Charlotte has been up to a lot these days and is growing and advancing by leaps and bounds. Her latest challenge has been potty training, with which she is doing quite well. After a few days of many accidents, she started to catch on, and within a few weeks is going for full days with a nearly perfect record.

She's talking a lot these days, often in full sentences. It's great to see her talking to William, and interacting with him at the table, in the bath, or just playing with toys. Her vocabulary includes all the basic shapes, colors, the alphabet, as well as counting to ten.

Lastly, she loves helping with things around the house. She probably doesn't realize that these things are "work", but we think it's cute and she has fun carrying dishes to the table, throwing clothes in the washer, and pushing the broom around from time to time.

Two-and-a-half going on three!


Sunday, November 21, 2010


We woke up on Saturday to a nice fresh layer of snow over the grass, and a clear sunny day to enjoy it with. We got up, ate some breakfast, and put on our warm clothes for a trip outside to enjoy the snow.

Andrew and William, bundled up.

Natasha showing William the sky.

We took over 100 photos in the hour we were outside, enough to complete our Christmas cards and photos for a few other uses including the blog.

Charlotte and William

Both kids seemed to really enjoy the snow, but Charlotte especially, as she could run around in it, move it around, and even help push the big snowball for the snowman. William was happy just looking around, and playing in the snow on the ground, although he nearly went in face first a couple of times.

The final product!

Here we are with the snowman, and a pretty good one considering the Lower Mainland doesn't always get a lot of snow, and not always wet snow. Natasha came up with some great accessories, and Charlotte was pretty proud of the finished snowman. She keeps wanting to look out the window to see it.

Much of the snow has already melted, or turned into hard packed ice which will slowly disappear over the next few days. Not that it's going to be warm or anything. Temperatures will remain around freezing for a while, but the sun seems to have a great effect on the snow and ice lying around.

So, we've survived the first wave of winter weather. Wonder if we'll get any snow for the holidays!

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

War And Peace

There is no doubt in anyone's mind that peacefully is the best way to live. Unfortunately, the world we live in is one in which war is a fact of life, and is often necessary.  Throughout human history, war shows up in each stage, and our current peaceful life is an unusual calm in comparison to the last few thousand years.

The past two generations are ones completely unaccustomed to major war, or indeed any hardship.  Our grandparents, who came through very hard times, have a special advantage that the rest of us don't.  They learned special skills, and obtained a level of maturity that is pretty much unseen in the youth of today.

Compare the young adults of today, spending their time playing video games, and protected on all sides by the hedge of Mommy and Daddy, with the ones of the early to mid 1900's who were dodging bullets and bombs, or crossing the East German border at risk of being caught and shot, all before the age of 20.

I often wonder how I would have fared, living in those days.  I hope I would have lived up to the challenge and emerged strong like the rest of them. Looking around at today's society, I wonder what would happen if the need to defend our country would once again arise. Ownership of guns is uncommon and almost frowned on. The mere idea of armed conflict is shunned by most. The perfect world we've built around us is blinding us to the dangers that lurk just out of view.

This Remembrance Day, I give my thanks to all veterans who fought in the wars of the last 100 years, and those who continue to defend freedom today. Without their actions, bravery, and determination, we wouldn't have the kind of lives we have today. 

Take some time this November 11th to think about what you would have done had you been born in a different time, a time of war, and thank those who fought to bring us where we are today.

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Thursday, November 04, 2010

How The Blog Is Evolving

Natasha and I were recently discussing the blog, as we do from time to time. Mainly we talk about what needs to be posted, and more often about how little we post these days.

What we have learned is that a blog really reflects ones situation at any given time. If you look back five years to when I started the blog on my own, I was posting photos, journalistic style reports, book reviews, and other commentary. After Natasha and I got married, the blog took on a new angle, and certainly improved in content thanks to her editing skills. Look back over the last year and you'll find it's nearly all about the family and children.

For a while, I was thinking that the blog had taken a turn for the worse, and some people suggested it wasn't as interesting as it used to be. But now that I've considered it a while, I realize that what you see here is a great view into our every day lives.

What's going to be really interesting is how the blog evolves over the next five to ten years. I wasn't in on the very early days of blogs, but I'm pretty close to that first group of people who started up blogs and whose lives have changed considerably since then. Most especially I am interested in seeing how Charlotte and William will fit into it down the road.

Most likely, you will see their own personalities, abilities, and interests start to have an impact on what is posted here. Maybe they'll be into sports, music, chess, or maybe they'll find some hobby we haven't even considered. We'll be directly involved in these activities, and that type of information flows easily to the pages of this blog.

Whatever happens, we'll continue posting the highlights of our lives here, even if only once in a while. If nothing else, it will provide a look back on our family in a way that has never been available before. We hope you continue to visit and keep up with our ongoing adventures.

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