Monday, October 25, 2010

William: Seven Months

Our big boy, William!

William is seven months old today! He's growing fast and is turning into a little boy quickly. Accomplishments are growing at about the same rate he is. He's got two bottom teeth now, and a nearly permanent smile to go along with them. He's sleeping through the night most of the time too, and is eating solid food twice a day. We weighed him at home the other day at 19 pounds!

He's sitting up really well, and we're looking forward to seeing him start crawling. Stay tuned for the eight month post!


7 Smart Remarks:

Anonymous Mom Hoyer said...

William is so cute & adorable! Growing up to be such a handsome little boy! Look at those beautiful blue eyes! We love him so much!

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

He is a darling! I could eat him up!!! :). He looks a lot like Daddy in this picture! Love his bottom teeth too...cute!

3:56 AM  
Anonymous e. said...

William is getting CUTER every month !!

5:43 AM  
Anonymous Sandi H said...

Adorable - cherish every moment..before you know it he'll be 7 year old. Hug & kisses

9:31 AM  
Blogger Winer said...

Mini-Andrew! What a cutie you two have there. :)

5:59 PM  
Anonymous Anna H said...

Aw he is sooooo cute! Love you William :)

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Susanna said...

He looks so cute with his bottom teeth!!!

10:36 AM  

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