Sunday, July 25, 2010

William: Four Months Old

As we continue our monthly reports on William, we are pleased to announce that he is four months old today!

William at four months old!

A happy baby, and ubercute, William's recent skills include rolling over from his back to his tummy (at which point he starts whining until we turn him over) and giggling from time to time.

Another interesting development is that he's stopped liking the soother as much (falling asleep almost all the time without it) and is favoring his thumb, blankie, etc.

Check back in a month for William's 5-month post!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How we made edits before Photoshop

We called it the "black marker tool".


Friday, July 16, 2010

The Memphis Feast

Natasha came up with a brilliant plan tonight. She arranged for Charlotte and William to be watched for a couple of hours, and we went to try a restaurant new to us: Memphis Blues BBQ.

The reports we heard were true. The portions are great, especially when you order one of their great looking platters. When they arrive at your table, there are smiles all around, including those at nearby tables, and customers just sitting down.

A boatload of meat, also called the Memphis Feast!

Behold, the first level in the platter scale. This meat-lovers feast comes with pulled pork, sliced brisket, ribs, smoked sausage, short ribs, chicken (they were out, so we got extra pork), cornbread, beans, coleslaw, potato salad, BBQ sauce, and a pile of well seasoned fries.

Yes, you heard right, this is the smallest. See their menu here. You can go up to their $136 platter which adds (besides a ton more of the regular meat) oysters, shrimp, and catfish, and feeds between 10 and 12 people. Wow.

Did we end there? Nope! We placed a second order; a slice of pecan pie for dessert.

Natasha enjoying her Lemon soda with all the food.

And now the leftovers; practically a meal in itself. Note that we left behind at least half of the slaw and potato salad, and a large pile of fries.

The leftovers.

Overall, this was a big hit with us, and we hope to make another trip soon. All we need is a group of 8 to 10 people who want to go with us!

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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Why So Many Apologies?

There's a trend that has been going on for some time but that really caught my attention recently: The effort our governments go through to try to make past wrongs right by saying "Sorry".

Two cases in point:

1. In 2008, Stephen Harper made an apology regarding Indian residential schools. The details of the schools is beyond the scope of this article, but see the link for details. Obviously, some wrongs were done, and those affected should be compensated. But should our current Prime Minister be saying "I'm sorry" for actions taken by people as far back as the 1800's?

2. Currently, the City of New Westminster is preparing an apology to the Chinese community who it says were discriminated against. Surely this is for recent abuses? Read the article, which states that the council minutes that describe the discrimination occurred between 1860 and 1926.

To be clear, I believe in doing things right the first time, apologizing when you do something wrong, and for compensating those you may have hurt. What I don't agree with is apologizing on behalf of someone else for their actions. It becomes rather ridiculous to start digging up the the history of over 100 years ago, finding fault in other people's actions because they don't meet with today's standards, and then trying to fix it by saying "Sorry". Especially in the case of New Westminster, it makes me wonder about the amount of free time they must have to take on a project like this when so many current problems exist in BC.

What I would rather see is a simple acknowledgment that something was done that we don't feel was right, and a concerted effort to bring things back into line. This would actually have some meaning, and a long term effect.

To our governments, small and large: Please stop saying "I'm sorry". Fix the wrongs, and get back to fixing the problems of today. After all, actions speak louder than words, and a "Sorry" from the wrong person is exceedingly hollow.

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