Sunday, June 27, 2010

iCarc: "The Carcassonne Companion" v1.1

I recently launched an upgrade to my iPhone app, iCarc. It has all custom graphics, and a couple of new features as well. The app lets you track the number of tiles remaining in a game of Carcassonne, and more importantly, exactly which ones are left to be played.

For app details, see the Apps page on my website, or check it out on iTunes.

Free game draw

I've brought back the free draw now that the app is back on the app store. For full details on how you can get into the draw, see the bottom of the Apps page.

The easiest way to qualify, and the best way to help me out, is to click here to see the Facebook fan page, "Like" the page (which gets you into the draw, it's that easy!), then invite your friends to join as well.

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