Saturday, April 17, 2010

iPhone Apps: Three Fun And Free Apps

Having two kids has made things busy and we've had less time for the non-essential computer work than in the past. On the other hand, it's created more windows of "downtime" where we can sneak in a game or two, do some browsing, or look up some new apps.

I came across a set of three apps by the same developer, all which are small and simple, are free to download, and provide easy entertainment for the few minutes you may have here or there.


A simple yet fast paced puzzle game, Valistroke is one where you trace a path within a grid, hitting all of the numbers - in order - before reaching the goal.

To make things more interesting, using as much space as possible gets you extra points, and a timer forces you to move as quickly as possible (more points for that too).

Planet Simulation

While not technically a game, Planet Simulation is very interesting, and you can try to invent some challenges of your own. The program lets you launch various types of stars and planets which orbit the sun and react to the gravitational pull of all the other bodies in play.

Watch out, planets have a strong pull towards each other, so you aren't likely to get too many of them orbiting properly at the same time. For fun, send off 20 or more to see what ensues!

Cat Shot

Always dreamed about being a cat, shooting cute flying fish out of the air with a large sling shot? Here is your chance! In this simple game, shoot down as many fish as you can in a set amount of time to score the most points possible.

Watch out, it takes time to reload! I really like the animation of the cats in this game, although most of it has no direct effect on play.


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