Sunday, February 07, 2010

Babymoon #2 Day #3

Day #3 of our vacation was an uneventful day but very relaxing. We slept in, caught the hotel breakfast shortly before closing, then spent a couple of hours relaxing and reading back in our room. Checkout was at noon, so why rush?

After leaving the hotel, we slowly made our way back home, stopping at the mall for some shopping and lunch, the outlets to make an exchange (and buy a little something more), and for gas and a light supper.

We picked up Charlotte from Shelley and Nathanael's house in the evening. Charlotte was excited to see us and greeted us with some big smiles. We're sure she's changed in the last three days, and apparently has been saying many more words. No doubt this is all true, as we have found that every time Charlotte is around other kids, her development increases a lot more quickly. Big thanks to Nathanael, Shelley, and the boys for taking care of and entertaining Charlotte so well!

Sorry, no photos today! We're back home now and are settling in for a good night's rest before the work week begins in the morning.

The babymoon is over. Just over six weeks until Baby #2's due date, so stay tuned for developments!

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Anonymous Stephanie said...

Glad you had a nice relaxing trip!

Excited for Baby #2 to get here!!

9:14 AM  

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