Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January Chess Tournament: Game 3

Last night I played game 3 against an older gentleman who I'd never played before. It was a relatively short game compared to the last two, with fewer moves as well, and a lot of mistakes on both sides. It actually made for a more fun game than overly serious.

I had the black pieces and played into and opening with which I am unfamiliar. I was forced into a very defensive position, but somehow kept finding great responses to keep me going. Deep into the middle game I came into a fairly even situation, but blundered a bishop. Only a few moves later, my opponent blundered a whole rook, but it wasn't enough to win me the game.

In the end, I likely miscalculated and ended up letting one of the opposing pawns get too far advanced and my game was over.

I'm a little disappointed about the loss after having played so well the last two games, but that's how it goes sometimes. My score now sits at 1.0 / 3.0, with two games to go.


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