Saturday, January 09, 2010

iPhone App: Hive

While browsing the Board Game category of the iPhone App Store, I came across a game called Hive. It's actually one I have seen a number of times in game stores but haven't purchased yet. The rules to the game are simple. Each player has a set of pieces which are able to move in various ways. The goal is to completely surround your opponents bee. As with other tile laying games, the board is created as you play, and no games are formed alike.

The main playing screen

The game interface is pretty good and lets you customize your view a lot. The good graphics probably contribute to the fact that this app is almost 30 MB in size.

White wins by surrounding the enemy bee

In this screen shot, I had just beat the computer by surrounding its bee. I found the computer to be somewhat lacking in skill, even at the higher levels (which are unlocked as you beat each subsequent level). Luckily, you can play two players on the same machine, as well as between iPhones, so there are a lot of options.

Generally, the game itself is fun, and after playing it a few times, I think it would be worth owning the board game at some point. The game is not for everyone though, as there is no aspect of luck at all. The biggest draw to getting this game and trying it right now is that it's reduced to $0.99 in the App Store for a limited time. If you're at all interested in this game, or want to try it out before buying the board game, I highly recommend getting the app.

For more information on the game, here are a few links:

Hive in the App Store
Hive on

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