Friday, January 29, 2010

December 2009 Slideshow

December was a busy month with lots of things to do, including a trip to Edmonton for Christmas. Time with friends and family, holiday parties, and more are all contained in our most recent album.

And so we bring you 99 photos of festive fun! Click here to see our photos!

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3 Smart Remarks:

Anonymous Mom Hoyer said...

Great Slide Show! Really enjoyed all the pictures. I loved the snow pics...Charlotte looks so cute in her pink snowsuit. Also the picture of Andrew & Charlotte in the church parking lot is beautiful! Great mix of Christmas photos too!

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Sandi H said...

Enjoyed your December slideshow alot! Thanks for sharing

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Naomi said...

I enjoyed your slideshow! Charlotte always has such cute outfits Natasha! :)

Hey what program do you use for your making your slideshows?

6:59 PM  

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