Saturday, November 07, 2009

10950 Days And Counting

The day has arrived, one I have been waiting for anxiously, especially the last few months. Somehow turning 30 years old seems like a milestone which demands attention and thought as to my overall life goals and objectives. Have I accomplished what I have wanted to? Am I going in the right direction? Am I doing the things I want to do? What steps do I need to take to get where I want to go?

Thinking back 10 years, my goals revolved around getting into my career, finding a wife and starting a family. I was a bit later than expected on those last two, but with a great wife and an ubercute one-and-a-half-year-old daughter, I couldn't be happier. Having all my kids before the age of 30 won't work for me as one is still on the way, but is certainly a potential goal for Natasha, even if we decide to have a third (gotta keep everyone guessing!).

Am I going in the right direction? I believe so. My career is at a point better than it has ever been. I'm starting to break out into new areas, writing games, and starting to do development work for the iPhone platform. We own a townhouse, hopefully someday a house. Life as we know it is busy, and trying to do a thousand things at the same time is difficult, but over time I think we'll be fine.

The future? Sorry, can't let you in on that yet. We have grand visions of where we'd like to be down the road, many of which include investments of time and money. Personal goals are being set as well, being worked on inch by inch as raising a family doesn't allow for much more. Whatever happens in the end, it will certainly be a lot of fun, and the adventure getting there is an important part of the experience.

I want to express my thanks to God for 30 years of health and providing for my family now and my family growing up. To family and friends, thanks for all you have given me and done for me in the last 30 years; I will never forget it. To Natasha and Charlotte, my closest family and friends, I look forward to the future with you. Just imagine what we might be doing and where we will be when I write my 40th birthday post!

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6 Smart Remarks:

Blogger MariaJoy said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!! Hope it's a great one spent with the ones you love! :)

9:43 AM  
Anonymous Stephanie & Family said...

What a nice post!

Happy Birthday to you, you indeed are a special person.

We all love you, but wish we could visit more often!

Wishing you another 30 years, of health, wealth, & happiness! :D

10:23 AM  
Blogger Shelley said...

Nice reflections Andrew. It's amazing how fast time goes and with kids it's seems to go that much faster.

I wish you the best of luck on your future endevours!

4:14 PM  
Anonymous e. said...

Happy Birthday to our Wonderful Nephew ! God Bless You with Much Health and Happiness in the coming Year and Always.

6:38 PM  
Anonymous Susanna said...

Happy 30th Birthday, Andrew! I'm proud to have you as my brother. You are a great example. May God bless you with many more successful and happy years!

9:52 PM  
Anonymous MomDad Hoyer said...

Happy 30th Birthday Andrew!
We are certainly proud to have a son like you!

8:58 PM  

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