Wednesday, October 14, 2009

iPhone App: Jelly Car

This iPhone hit has been around for a while and although it is no longer on the top 50 downloads, I'm guessing it's still one people are playing.

Jelly Car

In this game, which makes excellent use of the iPhone's multi-touch and accelerometer, you must drive your car, a very jiggly one, from the starting point to the goal, in hopes of beating your best time. Some of the courses are short and simple, others long and complicated. A few are even boring. Still, it's an all around great game with a ton of playability.

For the casual game player, this app is a must. For one, it's free. Second, and more importantly, you can fire it up for one minute, or one hour of play. The levels are short enough to play during a short downtime or while in line, but you can easily spend a lot longer.

In the most recent update, a video is included which reveals a very exciting secret to Jelly Car players. Jump on the app store and download this program today!



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