Monday, October 26, 2009

Defeat Over The Chess Board, Victory In Life

Today was a day of both victory and defeat. Defeat came in the form of a lost chess game, the last in a club championship tournament in which I won zero games. No draws either. My game tonight was a great one and my game was good enough that I am not disappointed by the simple blunder I made which cost me the game.

Victory, however, came in the form of the resolution of a long standing problem I've been dealing with. The last three months or so have been really stressful due to some changes at work, and in particular the introduction of a new member to our team who was trying to impose their ways on me, my project, the team, and just about everything else. Feeling the responsibility to make a complaint about the situation (numerous complaints, actually), I respectfully backed off when it was obvious the position was solid. Instead, I sat back, did my work, and let the person expose themselves for who they truly are... a manipulative impostor who shone brightly at first, but fizzled out as soon as the novelty wore off and once it became obvious that the initial problems weren't just temporary issues.

Needless to say, that person is gone as of today and my job is back on track to success. I'm going to take one more day to celebrate, then get on with things and leave the problems, and the person related to them, to the past.

As for Chess, there's always next time.

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3 Smart Remarks:

Blogger MariaJoy said...

Glad to hear things worked out with your work!

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

I too am glad that everything ironed itself out at work!

I don't know if I dare play a game of chess with you're probably so far advanced from when I last played. (which has been years ago)

8:42 PM  
Anonymous Mom Hoyer said...

Great news about your job!
As for Chess...keep enjoying the game!

10:54 AM  

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