Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Over, Fall Back

October is ending in under two hours. Welcome to November! Time falls back an hour in the early morning as well. We've already set about half of our clocks to the new time, and are about to hit the hay to try to take advantage of the extra hour.

And with that we say good bye October, and good bye to sunlight after 4:30pm. Soon I'll be driving to work in the dark, and driving home in the dark. How soon Summer is over...

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Defeat Over The Chess Board, Victory In Life

Today was a day of both victory and defeat. Defeat came in the form of a lost chess game, the last in a club championship tournament in which I won zero games. No draws either. My game tonight was a great one and my game was good enough that I am not disappointed by the simple blunder I made which cost me the game.

Victory, however, came in the form of the resolution of a long standing problem I've been dealing with. The last three months or so have been really stressful due to some changes at work, and in particular the introduction of a new member to our team who was trying to impose their ways on me, my project, the team, and just about everything else. Feeling the responsibility to make a complaint about the situation (numerous complaints, actually), I respectfully backed off when it was obvious the position was solid. Instead, I sat back, did my work, and let the person expose themselves for who they truly are... a manipulative impostor who shone brightly at first, but fizzled out as soon as the novelty wore off and once it became obvious that the initial problems weren't just temporary issues.

Needless to say, that person is gone as of today and my job is back on track to success. I'm going to take one more day to celebrate, then get on with things and leave the problems, and the person related to them, to the past.

As for Chess, there's always next time.

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Friday, October 23, 2009


The tools, utilities, and applications being developed around various social networking platforms is truly amazing. Twitter is a great system for sending out your random thoughts or sometimes even useful information to the world, but it's becoming a massive collection of word snippets that can be analyzed by content, time, and more impressively, location.

Trendsmap is a site you must see to get an idea of just how powerful and accessible this information is. It's a simple tool that maps out the most commonly tweeted words and overlays it on a map of the world. Find your section of the globe and see what the most popular topics are around your area.

As a side note to your iPhone users, there is an app called "TwitterTrend" which gives you stats on hot topics, but without the map.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

September 2009 Slideshow

Let's have a big welcome for our September 2009 photo album. Included are 16 photos, 15 of which feature Charlotte. We will try to add a few photos to Charlotte's Corner, but none of the September photos have made it there yet.



Wednesday, October 14, 2009

iPhone App: Jelly Car

This iPhone hit has been around for a while and although it is no longer on the top 50 downloads, I'm guessing it's still one people are playing.

Jelly Car

In this game, which makes excellent use of the iPhone's multi-touch and accelerometer, you must drive your car, a very jiggly one, from the starting point to the goal, in hopes of beating your best time. Some of the courses are short and simple, others long and complicated. A few are even boring. Still, it's an all around great game with a ton of playability.

For the casual game player, this app is a must. For one, it's free. Second, and more importantly, you can fire it up for one minute, or one hour of play. The levels are short enough to play during a short downtime or while in line, but you can easily spend a lot longer.

In the most recent update, a video is included which reveals a very exciting secret to Jelly Car players. Jump on the app store and download this program today!



Monday, October 12, 2009

Gobble Gobble

It's Thanksgiving in Canada today. Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and we wish you a pleasant time with family and friends, hopefully around a food laden table with couches nearby to collapse on afterwards.

Got a good Thanksgiving story, or just a list of the tastiest, graviest, sleep-inducing, all-you-can-swallow food you enjoyed? Post it in a comment for all to read.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Starbucks For The Whole Family

Today's drinks listed from left to right.

For Charlotte: Kids Hot Chocolate
For Natasha: Tall Cafe Mocha
For Andrew: Grande Vanilla Tea Misto


Thursday, October 08, 2009

4 Wonderful Years

4th anniversary

Today is our fourth Wedding Anniversary.

The last four years have been a wonderful adventure for Andrew and I.

The first year and a half we had a small, cozy apartment in Coquitlam and enjoyed going to work together on the West Coast Express and meeting for lunch and all the things that young couples enjoy.

After that we moved to the Surrey area and Charlotte was on her way. We bought our first home and enjoyed the arrival of our first child. Charlotte has been such a joy in our lives and has enriched our home and marriage.

Now we are awaiting arrival of baby #2, equally special and important and sure to bring more fun and adventure to our home.

God has blessed us richly over the last four years and I look forward to whatever He has in store for us, our home, and our family!

I love you Andrew! May the rest of our lives be as wonderful and special as the last four have been!

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Helmut Hoyer: Funeral Photos

The funeral for my grandfather was yesterday, and we have a few photos to share and comments to make. First, thanks to all who attended the service, burial, and lunch. To those who participated in the funeral in any way, we appreciate your time and efforts to make everything perfect.

The family members entering the church.

Based on the guestbook, there were at least 85 people who attended the funeral.

The pallbearers, all six grandsons.

From left to right: John, Isaac, Andrew, Matthew, Mark, Peter. (By the way, What is a pall?)

Natasha singing, along with Wendi and Mike.

This song ("If We Never Meet Again") was practiced for the first time that morning, and performed in the afternoon. It sounded excellent, and fit the service completely.

My Dad giving the eulogy.

The eulogy was a well put together and excellent summary of my grandfather's life. Following the eulogy, Brother Ed Hammermeister delivered a touching service as well as the mention of some very nice memories.

Family and close friends at the burial.

The grave marker.

This stone was laid some time ago when the plot was booked. As you can see, the birth dates of my grandparents are already engraved. September 27, 2009 will be engraved below Helmut shortly.