Wednesday, September 09, 2009

iPhone App: Beetle Lines

The iPhone App Store is absolutely bloated with games, making it seem like the platform caters more to fun users as opposed to business users, and that is probably true. Still, finding games that keep you coming back isn't easy, and I have gone through quite a few.

One which keeps both Natasha and I playing is Beetle Lines.

The Beetle Lines game screen

In this game, you move individual beetles from place to place, lining them up in rows of five or more (the longer the line, the greater your points). Each time you move, a few new beetles sprout up, and existing "small" beetles grow to full size ones. There are some very interesting dynamics to the game, and since there is no time limit or penalty for slow play (new beetles only show up when you move), you can take your time to figure out what order you need things to happen in.

HINT: Don't like where the game just placed a new beetle? Press the "take back" button and repeat your move. You'll get a new result each time, and hopefully a favorable one.

This is a free app, and one which is well suited to those few minutes you have on the bus, while relaxing on the couch at home, or waiting in line.


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Blogger mrs. trooper said...

I love Beetle Lines. I can never get as high a score as Andrew though, but that's okay. It's fun anyway :).

9:21 AM  

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