Monday, April 27, 2009

Update: Charlotte's Hospital Stay in February

Charlotte Polka Dots

As most of you know, back in February Charlotte was in the hospital for a few days with a Urinary Tract Infection and Dehydration (to read about that click here). At the time the Pediatrician decided to order some tests to be certain that there were no abnormalities in Charlotte's kidney and bladder area that would be causing a UTI. While we were in the hospital she ordered a Renal Ultrasound. The results came back normal. After being discharged from the hospital I was contacted for another test that would be done at a later date.

Charlotte had the VCU (Voiding Cysto-Urethrogram) done this last Friday. After we arrived they put a catheter in Charlotte, then in the X-ray room they inserted isotopes through the catheter which would show up on the X-ray. The purpose was to take images of her bladder while she was voiding to make sure that the bladder was emptying properly (and that urine was not going anywhere but where it was supposed to go). It was a bit of an exhausting procedure for Charlotte and I and we were happy when it was over.

This morning I received a call from the Pediatrician's office and am happy to report that Charlotte's test results for the VCU were normal. She has no abnormalities! I am so thankful to the Lord. We were praying that she would not have to suffer repeat UTI's or go on any type of medication as they had warned us this could happen if there were some problem.

Thank you for all your prayers!

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9 Smart Remarks:

Anonymous Susanna said...

Thank the Lord! I'm so glad the test came back normal. :D

11:39 AM  
Anonymous shelley said...

Great news!

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Mom Hoyer said...

So happy to hear the good news! Thank the Lord! We have so much to be thankful for!

2:16 PM  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

God is good!!!

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Mom Hoyer said...

Just wanted to say
Charlotte looks so CUTE
in her new dress & sweater!
She is a little Princess!

2:22 PM  
Blogger ~L & S~ said...

Good to hear! And she looks really cute!

4:40 AM  
Anonymous Christine said...

Praise the Lord!

8:39 PM  
Anonymous CA said...

What a pretty dress, she's as cute as ever! I'm so happy that she's alright. :)

12:14 PM  
Anonymous e. said...

The Lord is GOOD !! His Mercy Endureth Forever and Ever !!! Charlotte is an example of this :)

She looks Gorgeous as always !!

3:33 PM  

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