Monday, March 02, 2009

Who Calls Me?

Have you ever got a call from a number where nobody was on the other end, you can't figure out who it's coming from, or want to know more about a company that you actually talked to? Try this site: Who Calls Me?

It's simple. When you get a problem phone call, go to this website and enter the number. If there are past reports on it, you will see the history of complaints / comments by other people. If it's a new one, you can add the first entry.

I've used this so far on two numbers to my phone and both of them had previous records. For example, I got a call from this number today, and it has nearly 80 entries from other people who have also received calls.

I'm putting a link to it in my "Links" section so if you ever need it, you can find it easily, and if you've already checked it out, add it to your bookmarks.

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Blogger mrs. trooper said...

Good write-up, even though I know about this website I don't think to use it!

4:46 PM  
Anonymous shelley said...

I had this problem awhile back. Some computer system that kept calling and never answering. Drove me nuts! I did some research and discovered it was the Globe & Mail. I think I ended up ignoring them or something.

4:51 PM  
Blogger Mr. H. said...

I heard something about wrong phone calls a long time ago, went like this:

wing... wing.. wing...
"Is this the Wing wesidence?"
"No, it's not, this is the Wong wesidence"
"Oh sorry, I must have winged the wong number!"

10:16 PM  

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