Tuesday, March 03, 2009

February Chess Tournament: Round 5

Round 5 of the chess tournament was played yesterday. My opponent was a young guy, rated a few hundred points above me. Coming into the game I felt confident due to the previous two tournament games I played. I had the black pieces and opted for the Pirc defence. For a little while I thought I had a good game, but as the opening requires fairly accurate play, I may have made a few mistakes and lost the game in the end. No major blunders perhaps, but generally not a really solid game on my part.

From this tournament I take at least a couple of quality games, one which was a win. That brings my win percentage in tournament games to 10%. Not great, but based on the amount of time I spend playing Chess, I think it's pretty decent. Overall my game has improved a lot over the past year, and I hope to start winning a few more games. At the least, I hope to bring up my rating so I'm no longer the lowest rated player in the club.

If anyone is interested in playing correspondence chess with me online, I have a great site to recommend. Click here, sign up for free, and post your chosen nickname in a comment. I will then be able to start up a couple of games with you.


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