Monday, March 09, 2009

Creating Your Own Phone Number Blocker

Over the past few weeks, I've received a few unwanted phone calls, something that hasn't happened much at all in the many years I've had my number. My iPhone has improved contact management compared to my old Nokia phone, and it occurred to me that I could create my own "block" list right on the phone itself. This same concept could be applied to any phone that allows you to attach multiple numbers to a single contact name.

First, make a list of the numbers you do not want to receive calls from. Phone spammers, your crazy ex, or people you just don't want to answer the phone for. Even if you only have one (the phone spammer who just called you) you're ready to begin.

Create a new contact and give it a name like "Do Not Answer" or whatever fits best on your phone. Then add the numbers from your list.

You might even be able to select a custom ringtone to make it even more obvious who's calling (a silent ringtone perhaps).

In the future, every time you get another number you don't want to answer calls from, edit the contact, and add the new number.

From then on, when these numbers call you, you'll see right away that it's one of your blocked numbers and can easily decline it.

As a side note, use the Who Calls Me? website to look up unknown numbers to see if others have reported calls from the number as well.

Happy blocking!


2 Smart Remarks:

Blogger Nick said...

I am lucky enough not to receive any calls from annoying telemarketers but great post. I'm sure I will be referring back here some day soon but hopefully not!

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Mr.H. said...

Great idea! I have only received 4 unwanted calls, two of them coming from California, but if I get more, I will follow your advice.

6:26 PM  

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