Thursday, February 12, 2009

2010 Olympics, One Year Away

The Winter Olympics of 2010 are only one year away from today. I can't say I am excited about it, or looking forward to it. I have no tickets to events, so I won't be seeing any live action, and I probably won't be getting involved in any of the festivities, whatever they may be.

What I will get to experience is the increased traffic for the two weeks of the Olympics (plus the increased traffic before and after the Olympics due to setup and the Paralympics to follow). Maybe I'll take some vacation during that time, work from home, or work slightly off the normal schedule to avoid rush hour.

After seeing many Olympics on TV, I thought I would be more excited to have them local, but now that they're around the corner, they don't seem such a big deal. I might catch a few events on TV or the internet, but whether they are 20km away or 2000km away, it won't make a whole lot of difference to me.

If anyone out there has a spare ticket or two and wants to invite me along, you'll probably change my mind about the whole Olympic thing!

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Anonymous Stephanie said...

All the tickets are sold out already?!

You should try to go to at least one event...although it may be nicer to avoid the crowds and watch via internet!

9:03 AM  

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