Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Scrabble Deluxe

After the holidays and New Years, things have been really quiet and my every-other-day blogging has taken a bit of a break. Our calendar is pretty well empty these days, but we're taking advantage of the lull in activity to spend some time at home and enjoy each other's company. Natasha's Mom is still visiting through the end of this week, and as we are all Scrabble fans, we've been making good use of Natasha's birthday gift, Scrabble Deluxe.

We've been playing in the evenings after Charlotte goes to bed, and have had some really good games, and some very interesting boards including a couple of bingos (using all seven tiles in a single play, scoring an additional 50 points). In the last game we played, I got the Q, X, J, and Z, and scored a bingo... definitely my best game to date with a score of about 280.

Is the Deluxe version worth it? At $50, it's a bit pricey, but it makes playing the game a lot more enjoyable. The board rotates which gives everyone a head on view. Doing this with the standard board is impossible, or seriously endangers the tile layout. Another great feature of the Deluxe board is small ridges on the board grid which keep the tiles in line with each other. Add the dark brown tiles, cloth tile bag, and sand timer, and it's a much improved playing experience.


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Anonymous Susanna said...

Scrabble Deluxe sounds cool with all its special features!

4:14 AM  
Anonymous Mom H. said...

Your Scrabble Deluxe game sounds very "Deluxe" and well worth the money. The extra features make it easy and fun to play!

6:53 AM  

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