Saturday, January 24, 2009

Charlotte: Eight Months Old

Eight months old!

Another milestone today, and Charlotte is starting to show more signs of becoming a big girl. She's getting close to crawling, and takes her baths sitting up which makes playing with bath toys a lot more fun.

We've been using a food processor to grind up some of our softer table foods which she has been eating, along with some tasty mixes of avocado and apple. And as posted previously, she is beginning to clap her hands, on her own and when someone claps for her. She seems to enjoy the copying game, either her doing something we're doing, or if one of us repeats a noise she makes.

Next milestone, 9 months!


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Anonymous Mom H. said...

Oh Wow! She looks adorable in that cap! She is a Doll!!! I love that picture :-) I'll take that one for my digital photo frame as well!
This is such a cute & fun age when they start doing things on their own and their little personality comes out :-D
We need to come West soon to see her!

3:14 PM  
Anonymous e. said...

What a cute age she is now ! Soon she will be crawling and getting into everything :)

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anita Griffiths said...

Mom G. says...Every pic I see of her she is more adorable. I miss her so much.

6:32 PM  
Blogger MariaJoy said...

How fun!! I think this is the best age yet!! :) Everything makes them happy....and they can't move TOO fast yet! LOL

7:43 PM  
Anonymous said...

Charlotte is such a darling, and so beautiful! She is so grown up and just like Mommy in her hat!

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

She is so stylish! ;)

This age is so much fun...I can't wait to see Charlotte again!! I could just give her a BIG hug!

12:20 PM  
Anonymous Susanna said...

The shirt really brings out her eye color!

5:47 PM  

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