Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Charges Laid In Silas O'Brien Road Rage Case

Just over ten months since the fatal hit and run which killed Silas O'Brien, charges have finally been laid with an initial court date set later in January. This is big news as people have been waiting anxiously to see what will happen.

Silas O'Brien

A short article is up on the CBC website, along with a small photo gallery.

The charges are as follows:

One count of criminal negligence.
One count of dangerous driving causing death.
One count of dangerous driving.
One count of hit and run.
One count of failure to remain at the scene.

It might come as a surprise to some that murder is not in the list, but based on some of the reader comments on the CBC article, it sounds as if the direct intent cannot be proved, where the driver could say he was just trying to scare them and it was an accident. Had he come back with a gun, it would be totally different.

It is good to see this case progressing, and I hope that justice will be served.


CBC: Charges laid in Abbotsford road rage death
Vancouver Sun: Charges laid in deadly Langley road rage incident

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Anonymous shelley said...

I heard this on the radio on the way home. It will be so nice for the family to have closure. But I'm sure it will be very hard on the family through this.

5:03 PM  

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