Monday, January 26, 2009

"Cars Yes, Transit No"

That seemed to be the overwhelming message sent by commuters last week during the shutdown of the Pattullo Bridge due to a fire that burned part of its underside last Sunday.

During the 5 work days the bridge was closed, only a small number of people switched to transit. This surprised officials, but to people who commute daily, it should come as no surprise at all. On my drive to and from work, I may have spent an additional 15 minutes each way waiting in traffic, a price I'm willing to pay for the comfort and convenience of driving in my own car.

The fact is, I would actually take transit if it weren't so inconvenient and inaccessible. From my current location, this is huge problem. When we lived across the bridge, a short drive to the train station and parking for 50 cents a day made taking transit a very enjoyable experience. We both liked hopping on the train and reading for 30 minutes instead of fighting traffic.

I drove across the re-opened bridge today, which appeared to be in good shape. The paving crews filled in all the potholes, so it was a smooth ride as well. Overall, I am very pleased with the quick work done on the bridge, having it closed for only one week instead of the four to six initially estimated.

So, now that the bridge is fixed, life will go back to normal and everything will be good, right? Nice try. The next disaster is already on its way; A snowfall warning tomorrow for between five and ten centimeters.

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Anonymous Stephanie said...

I bet that was a huge inconvenience for alot of people there. Glad to hear that the bridge is fixed.

Have fun in the snow...we are in an ice storm warning! ;| Spring has to be around the corner, right?!

12:16 PM  

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