Thursday, November 20, 2008

2 For 1 Airline Pricing!

Have you flown recently, and wished for more leg room, or wished the seat was a little wider? You can now have it, thanks to the new ruling that forces Canadian airlines to give a free extra seat to special customers. There's only one stipulation; you need to pack on an extra 200 pounds. That's right, if you need more than one seat due to your massive girth, you get a second at the very low price of being stared at and grumbled at all flight, especially by the person who is trapped in the window seat beside you. No bathroom breaks this flight, buddy!

You can read more about it in this CBC article:

The Supreme Court has upheld a regulatory ruling forcing Canadian airlines to offer a free extra seat to certain disabled and obese people.

In a decision released without comment Thursday, Canada's top court rejected an application by Air Canada and WestJet for permission to appeal a Canadian Transportation Agency ruling issued earlier this year.

The court's decision means airlines must offer a "one person, one fare" policy to disabled people who require room for an attendant during the flight or require extra room for a wheelchair, or for people who are clinically obese and take up more than one seat.

Okay, so if you're disabled that's one thing... I can fully understand that. Unfortunately, being fat is not a disability, at least not in my books. It's a choice, which is now being rewarded by removing the responsibility for those same choices.

Take a look at the article, then read the comments at the bottom. It would seem as though the Supreme Court of Canada is not on target with what the average Canadian thinks about this sort of thing.

The bright side is that you'll never have to "share" your seat with someone who can't fit into the seat without the armrest up!

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Anonymous e. said...

I think that is NUTS !!!!.......

Unless you have a medical disability, not just because you eat tooooo much! If you are toooo FAT to sit in one seat....Pay for TWO seats. :(

12:28 PM  
Blogger mrs. trooper said...

Seems pretty unfair, especially given the high cost of airfare...

12:53 PM  
Anonymous Susanna said...

Yeah, they should definitely pay for two seats unless it's a disability.

I wish they'd give a free extra seat for kids under 2, instead of making them sit on your lap if there's no extra seats. :D

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Auntie EB said...

I wish you all had a chance to be obese.. you'd realize these people don't 'choose' to be that way. It's extremely hard to lose weight and today's stigma on being 'fat' makes life very uncomfortable for those who have the misfortune of becoming so. Not everyone has the means or the ability to lose weight on their own. Give a little bit of understanding for these "fat" people who "You"
think, and I say again, you think, are eating too much. Usually, if you do some studying into obesity you will find that a lack of proper nutrition, immobility (possibly due to the type of work a person does), and a lack of drinking water are the base cause of this. Having gone through this myself, I dare to say that yes, being obese is a disability. Unfortunately only the obese will ever understand. What you are actually saying is that if you are obese.. too bad.. don't travel... Is that fair?

12:10 AM  
Anonymous e. said...

I am NOT saying that "OBESE" People should not travel.....but.....if they need two seats....Pay for Two !!

You are what you eat !

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Ruth said...

Obese people should travel but they should definitely pay for 2 seats. That is fair :-)
In most cases they have eaten themselves into that state.

What about the Mom's that are 7 months pregnant and are traveling with another child. It's not easy for them to hold their child on their lap the whole flight. They should get an extra seat then as well.

I say no freebies for the obese!
Pay all the way!!!

9:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obese people have another option.
Fly first class!
The food is better there...haha!!!!!

9:39 PM  
Anonymous Mr. H. said...

OK, I can't stand it anymore, so I will wade into the turmoil.

This ruling is totally in error as it now places more of the cost of flying onto those who have maintained their proper weight, and this person is now getting a two for one deal.

Have you ever had to sit beside one of those HUGH people on a flight? I have, and believe get up close and friendly with someone you have just met.

They tend to flow over the armrest and into the seat with you. You paid for use of the whole seat but only get to use 90% of it!!

I say we go half way with this and give them another seat for 50% of the price and give me back my seat!

10:03 PM  
Blogger MariaJoy said...

My Dad is obese...but it has nothing to do with his eating too much. While working in a steel mill he contracted pulmonary fibrosis. He was put on steroids and was in and out of the hospital for a couple years while Mom was taking care of 6 young kids. One of the side affects of steriods is an increased appitite. They gave him only 4 or 5 years to live. At the time he had 6 kids...the oldest had just turned 12. I'm happy to say my Dad is still living when the doctors gave him no hope...maybe he is "too fat" but that wasnt his choice. But because of all this my Dad is who he is today, a nurse in a VA hospital helping others who sometimes have no hope. Since then he's had one more son and now has 2 grandsons and one granddaughter about to be born. I'm proud of who my Dad is and love him....all of him. He has flown when he is this heavy, but if you knew my Dad, he is very friendly and outgoing..he'd never try to make the person next to him uncomfortable. And he used up one seat. I'm not saying all of this to stir up trouble and if you want to delete what I've said, you can, I won't be hurt or offended, but I wanted to tell the other side of some stories. For my Dad it is not a lack of control of eating, it's a lack of control that he had on his health. Through all of this and being in and out of intensive care my Dad never stopped providing for his family. He could have gone on disability but never did. Even when he was working more than one job, he didnt complain b/c he was supporting all of us. Thanks to a miracle from God he no longer is on oxygen and is completely healed from pulmonry fibrosis. But as an after effect he still had the added weight. But we'd rather him be here with his added weight.

11:35 AM  

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