Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Shuttle Atlantis On Hubble Rescue Mission

Shuttle Atlantis

The Space Shuttle Atlantis is scheduled to launch next month (October 8th), carrying new instruments, batteries and gyroscopes to the Hubble Space Telescope. This will be the final servicing mission to Hubble, the 30th flight of the 23-year old Atlantis, and one of the final 10 flights of the Space Shuttle program, which will be retired in 2010.

I really enjoy this Space Shuttle stuff. I would have liked to see a launch sometime, but with only 10 more to go, I won't have a chance. I assume something bigger and better will be coming out to replace them, and maybe I'll catch one of those instead.

Check out the really great photos of the preparations for this launch.

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Anonymous Stephanie said...

All this type of stuff interests me alot too!

Thanks for sharing!

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