Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Langley Chess Open 2008 Results

Over the Labour Day long weekend, I played in the Langley Chess Club Open, the second time I've entered the tournament. In the year between, I'd been playing a lot and really improving my game. My overall results weren't much improved, but my games were well played, and in at least two games I simply missed a key move that would have given me a win or a draw, including a 4-hour 45-minute marathon game in which I blundered in the final minutes under time pressure.

The good new is I got my first tournament win. The game score is proudly published below if you care to play it through.

1.e4 Nf6 2.Nc3 e5 3.f4 exf4 My King actually smiled after this opening combination, sort of a back door entry to the King's Gambit. 4.Nf3 d6 5.d4 Be7 6.Bd3 Bg4 7.0-0 Nc6 8.Be2 0-0 9.Bxf4 Nd7 10.Nd5 Bf6 11.c3 Re8 12.Qc2 Bh5 13.Bd3 Bg6 14.Rae1 Ne7 This move blocks black's pieces in too much. I felt I had a real advantage after this. 15.Nxf6 Nxf6 16.Nh4 d5 17.Nxg6 Nxg6 18.Bg5 dxe4 19.Bxe4 Re6? This allows white to simplify the game and win the material exchange. 20.Bxg6 Rxe1 21.Bxh7+ Nxh7 22.Bxd8 Rxf1+ 23.Kxf1 Rxd8 24.Qe4 Rd6 With the centralized queen and a material advantage, I was confident of a win. 25.Qxb7 Rb6 26.Qc8+ Nf8 27.b3 Rf6+ 28.Kg1 Re6 29.h3 Re2 30.a4 g6 31.Qxc7 Ne6 32.Qg3 Rb2 33.d5 Nc5 34.Qb8+ Kg7 35.Qb4 Rb1+ 36.Kh2 Nxb3 37.c4 a5 Moving the black King was probably better, although white is far ahead anyway. 38.Qc3+ Kg8 39.Qc2 1-0

My rating improved by about 170 points after this tournament (see the tournament crosstable here) which puts me a little closer to where I think I should be. All I need to do now is work on winning when I have an advantage (one of the challenges in chess)!

Overall, I had a great time and look forward to next year!

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Blogger mrs. trooper said...

Good job! I knew you could win!

8:12 AM  
Anonymous e. said...


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Anonymous Mom Hoyer said...

Congratulations on your 1st Tournament Win! That's great!

Chess goes back a long way for you...
you've been interested in Chess since Elementary School :-)

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

Congratulations on the win!

3:55 AM  

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