Sunday, September 07, 2008

Canada Goes To The Polls!

Wow, election fever across North America! Within a two month period, Canada and the United States will make key decisions as to who their leaders will be.

While in the USA, elections are on fixed dates (leading to lengthy campaigns), Canadian elections can be called nearly anytime, and are decided inside of two months. Read more about the Canadian federal election announcement here.

Canadians will head to the polls in a general election on Oct. 14, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Sunday in Ottawa after meeting with the Governor General.

Harper made the announcement outside Rideau Hall after his conversation with Michaëlle Jean.

"Her Excellency, the Governor General, has seen fit to dissolve Parliament," he said.

The vote will take place one day after the Thanksgiving holiday.

"Between now and Oct. 14, Canadians will choose a government to look out for their interests at a time of global economic trouble," Harper said.

While this election is not mandatory, my guess is that the government wants to reaffirm the countries confidence in them, and perhaps move them closer to a majority. I plan on giving the current government my full support, including getting my very own lawn sign for the first time. I will also be posting my top six reasons why Canadians should vote for the Conservative Party of Canada, once per week until election day.

Your task for the next six weeks: Get informed, and vote for whoever you think is the best candidate for you!

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Anonymous Mr. H. said...

We will be registering to vote here in Ontario and voting Conservative of course!

Stéphane Dion and the Liberals are the last thing we need in this country at this time!!!

6:21 AM  

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