Monday, June 23, 2008

Chessworld Rating: 1763

Current rating: 1763. Chart displays last 50 games

The last few months has been a slow period for me in terms of Chess due to being so busy with other things, but I have managed to keep a small number of games going on my favorite chess site. I am happy to note that my rating has been increasing steadily until my last win has brought me to my highest rating yet, 1783.

With more careful play and more thought into moves, I'm hoping to improve even further before the tournament at the end of August.

Anyone wanting to play me a game of Chess, click the image below. This is not live chess, but correspondence chess, meaning you have a certain number of days to make a move. It allows for plenty of consideration, and reduces the pressure and therefore the blunders that are so common when moves are made quickly.

Online chess


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