Monday, January 28, 2008

Move Complete (For The Most Part)

Our move on Saturday went well, and we moved the vast majority of our stuff into the new townhouse. All that remains now are a few smaller items we left behind, and our computer and desk. Right now, our new place does not have access to cable internet, so we have our computer running at our old place until we absolutely have to move it out. It also means that we have no internet access at home. No email, chess, Scrabulous, or anything else.

Not that we'll have time for it anyway. We bought a bunch of new furniture from IKEA which is going to require many evenings to assemble, plus all of the other stuff that has to be done around a new home. But if we ever need to get online, there are a few places in town that offer wireless internet access.

It seems that many people who buy new homes run into issues, and we don't seem to be an exception. Ours is quite nice generally, no major flaws, but the workmanship in the details is poor (to say the nicest thing about it). There's paint on hinges and door knobs, sloppy silicon work, and a small natural gas leak, to name a few. Equally as bad is the fact that it wasn't cleaned up very well before we moved in, and a lot of the trim, cupboards, etc were dusty from construction work. I'm going to contact our lawyer to find out what, if anything, we can do. The bottom line is, the chain of people from builder to worker is riddled with losers who have built the complex quickly and cheaply, and raked in huge profits. I just hope there is some way to hold them accountable for their shoddy work.

We feel very comfortable in our new place, however, and I think it will feel like home very quickly, and to a greater extent than we did in our suite when we first got married. We also look forward to being closer to many of our friends, and the increased amount of time we can spend with them as a result.

More to come as things progress and we get fully moved in and set up, but not a lot at least for a week while we do all of the work and wait for our internet access to arrive.

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Friday, January 25, 2008

24 Hours Until Move

At the time of this post, it's right around 24 hours until our move gets underway. After working through some last minute details with the lawyer earlier in the week, we've spent the last few evenings moving some of our belongings which are more difficult to move in a big truck (clothes, fragile items).

I believe at this point we are ahead of schedule and after some more preparation tonight, should be in good shape for Saturday. We didn't have the chance to unpack much of our stuff from the last move, so it's all ready to go with just a few areas left to be packed.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Anonymous Posters Galore!

Our last post, containing a straw poll for baby names has created quite a stir! Apparently, we are not to be fully trusted with the naming of our child. You'll all be happy to hear that we have very sensible and suitable names chosen, some of which may or may not be in the poll. Our brighter readers will have quickly realized that a few names were added simply for fun (and maybe to provoke a reaction or two. Success!)

It is interesting to see how many comments were made anonymously, though. The post got a record number of comments in the history of the blog, but we will never know who they were. Even if you disagree with us, you will only hurt our feelings temporarily with whatever you may have to tell us. Use your names to post, people!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Baby Name Straw Poll

I have lots on my mind these days and plenty to write about, but with being busy at work, preparing for the move into our new home, and the usual day to day activities, adventures, setbacks, social life, entertainment, traffic, and more, I just haven't had the time. I'll get to it, I just don't know when.

So in the meantime, we're having another straw poll (What is a straw poll?) to see what people think of a few baby names we've considered.

To vote in the poll and view the results, Click Here

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Natasha At 23 Weeks

Things are moving right along on the baby front. We are more than 50% of the way there now, and looking forward to the big surprise at the end. As we haven't found out whether it's a girl or boy (and we don't plan to), it will be a surprise, and you'll be able to find out right here on the blog just as soon as it can be posted.

The big news of the last week is that Natasha has started to feel the baby moving consistently. So much so, that last night I felt the baby moving as well. This is an exciting development, and makes it that much more real.

Let's have a quick straw poll. Post a comment with your guess, boy or girl!

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Our New Townhouse

Yes, we're moving again! We have purchased a new townhouse about 15 minutes from where we live now and will be taking possession near the end of the month.

Front view of our new townhouse

It is a three bedroom townhouse with an open design but still very cozy. One really great feature is that we have a decent size backyard which is rare. It's not huge, but enough space to enjoy outside in the summer, have a small garden, and in a few years, a place for the kids to play.

The holidays were busy and we only have a few weeks now to pack up our stuff. As we've only been in our current place for a few months, much of what we have is still in boxes so we're in good shape. A few Saturday's of work should do it. More to follow in the next few weeks if there is time, and definitely once we move in.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year, 2008!

Another year has passed, and we are excited and thankful for all the good things that have come about during that time. We are also looking forward to the next year which will have many adventures and new experiences, some of which we know about, others which will be surprises, and still others which we have not yet announced (stay tuned!).

Thanks to our family and friends for the time we've been able to spend together. May you all have a prosperous and happy 2008!

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