Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tri-Dimensional Chess

Spock and Dr. McCoy play Tri-Dimensional Chess

As a person who has an interest in the game of Chess, I often watch for it in areas like advertising, media, movies, photos, and regular day to day life. You'd be surprised just how often a chess board shows up if you look for it.

In the photo above, Dr. McCoy and Spock are seen with a futuristic variant called Tri-Dimensional Chess. The basic concept and play is the same, with a number of additions to the rules because of it's three dimensional playing area. Naturally, the complexity of the game must grow considerably. Personally, I think the beauty of the board increases as well.

This is not something you can buy at your local toy store, but I am considering building a wooden set. It would make a great display, and perhaps a game here and there.

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Anonymous Susanna said...

If the makers of Star Trek sold those tri-dimensional chess boards, they'd probably make good money from Star Trek fans. I think it'd be a neat conversational piece.

6:39 PM  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

It would be a very interesting piece of furniture! I think it would definately get alot of conversation out of it!

It sure looks neat!

I've never noticed chess on Star Trek...but I haven't paid much attention.

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Jeremy said...

But they *did* sell the tridimensional chess sets. Franklin Mint made two sets, the first one had clear & blue squares with gold and silver classic pieces and a silver round base with gold arcs. The second set had a square gold base with gold arcs and the boards were blue squares were changed to black. The chess pieces were also changed from classic to utilitarian. The main difference between the two is the number of 2x2 attack boards. The original had 4, the later one had 6, as per on the show. I own the original set which I bought direct from Franklin Mint over ten years ago.

Sets are regularly sold on ebay.

5:10 AM  

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