Sunday, November 11, 2007

Remembrance Day 2007

Once a year we pause to remember those who have served and died fighting in wars over the last century. Remembrance Day was actually started to commemorate the end of World War I, although most veterans you see these days will be from World War II as there are only a very few survivors of the first war still living.

I wonder how more recent war veterans will fit into Remembrance Day. While I think they are very important and have great respect for them, I don't think they will be seen in the same light as soldiers from the world wars. This might partly be due to the controversy over the conflicts themselves, but I think more than that is the conditions under which they fought. Wars these days are technologically advanced and often fought at a distance. Years ago it was much closer, and there were many more casualties. That's how the photos make it seem, anyway. Perhaps the years ahead will provide photos and video of what is happening today and we will have a better frame of reference.

Today also has two other special meanings for my family. My grandfather on my Mom's side died on November 11, 1978. And my grandmother on my Dad's side has her birthday today!

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Anonymous Stephanie said...

Time to remember the soldiers, and my Opa which I wish I could have met! I hope to see him someday though! :)

And to Oma...Happy Birthday to her...we love her!

7:53 PM  
Anonymous e. said...

Remembrance Day is always a very sobering day for me. My uncle on my dads side of the family died in the war...Leo Schmigelski. My dad was a Soldier at heart...and he died on Remebrance Day..29 years ago. My heart still aches thinking about it even after all these years :(

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Mom H. said...

November 11 is a day to remember a
very special man, my Dad,
Bruno Schmigelski.
He was a great Dad and we have
many fond memories!

4:49 PM  

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