Friday, September 07, 2007

Natasha's Trip: Day 7

Today was a quiet day at Rachel's house. We all slept in quite late as we were exhausted from our trip to the big city. Rachel left about 1:30pm to take her cousin, Amanda, to the airport as she flew home today. I had the afternoon to myself (as I opted out of the long drive) so I spent some time organizing my purchases, doing some tidying for Rachel, laundry, and reading. It was great to just relax and go slow after four busy busy days.

This evening Rachel and I went to a Sight and Sound Productions. Sight and Sound is a Christian Theatre company that puts on Bible based plays. Tonight was the play "In The Beginning". The theatre itself is huge and beautifully built with high ceilings in the large auditorium. I don't have any pictures of the play as cameras weren't allowed but I have a picture of the booklet for the play so you can get an idea.

Sight and Sound Productions -- In The Beginning

The story was based on Adam and Eve and the fall in the Garden of Eden. The actors, costumes, backdrops, and props are very elaborate and well made and extremely professional. The actors were attractive and very skilled in voice, acting, and dance (although there wasn't much dance).

Included in the play were many live animals (some included doves, horses, goats, sheep, ducks, a cow, a dog, a skunk, and a zebra). The electronic animals looked very real and moved as well (these included a woolly mammoth, dinosaurs, the Serpent, a large snake, elephants, giraffes, gorillas, apes, antelope, bears, polar bears, an armadillo, and many more). The play was very well done and very entertaining with a Godly message about Christ dying on the cross and the way to salvation at the end. I was really impressed.

I would highly recommend it to anyone! Oh, and by the way, if you're looking at the front of the booklet and wondering if Adam and Eve were "naked" in the garden, they weren't. Christ clothes them in his "glory" at the beginning when he forms them, the "glory" is a gauzy white sparkly like material through which you can just make out the shape of legs and nothing else (and I believe they are also wearing skin-colored leotards).

Well that's it for tonight folks. This is Mrs. Trooper signing out!

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