Saturday, September 01, 2007

Natasha's Trip: Day 1

Natasha seems to be having a great time on her trip, and she's sent a few pictures to share. I wanted her to write up a story along with the pictures, but she is too tired to do it this time. I don't blame her really, she flew all night, only had a few hours sleep, and spent the whole day touring the countryside. So, I'm going to make stuff up as I go along and hope it fits.

A quick trip to Starbucks before going through security

I took Natasha through the check-in, and for a Starbucks™ iced tea before she went through to the gate.

Their first stop was a park where there are wild horses running free. Apparently some of them are quite tame and will even allow you to pet them.

Assateague National Park

Rachel petting a wild pony

After that, a trip to the beach. I believe this is actually in the same park.

Amanda, Natasha, and Rachel wading in the Atlantic

Natasha wading a little too deep

Hmm, she's looking pretty good for someone who's been on the go for well over 24 hours!

That's all I have for now. Check back tomorrow for the Day 2 report.

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Anonymous Stephanie said...

Looks like your having fun, Natasha!

Keep the pictures coming! :D

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