Sunday, September 02, 2007

Langley Chess Open: Day 2

Today I had to ask myself, why do I play Chess? And why do I enjoy it? It's hard work, takes a lot of time, practice, and study, and is disappointing when you do badly. Really, it sounds like almost any other sport or activity, including a career (with no income to go with it).

I even thought about quitting chess altogether. But that didn't last long. My love for the game goes beyond winning or losing games at a six round tournament. I play the game because I appreciate its complexity, its ability to keep ones mind active, and for the beauty of the game itself. People who do not play chess cannot understand how interesting, exciting, inspiring, and beautiful a game can be.

I did not win either of my two games today. The first game, much like the day before, was a great battle right down to the end when the tide turned against me and my seemingly solid attack fell apart. The second game was a good example to me of unpreparedness, lack of self control, and utter stupidity. Neither myself nor my opponent had a board or clock (unpreparedness). After about 10 minutes of searching out a board and clock, and having it set, I was slightly frustrated instead of being calm and collected (lack of self control). I was black, and my first move was one that is okay, but that I rarely play (stupidity). After a few moves, I was caught in an opening position I wasn't familiar with and that didn't favour me at all. I didn't stick with my plan, and it cost me the game, or the chance at winning.

I am not ashamed of losing, only of playing badly. I have two more games to play, and will do my best, even if I lose them all. When I came into this tournament, I thought I was a pretty good player. I still do, but realize that I am a mere minnow in the vast lake of the chess world. I'll just have to have fun in the shallow water most of the time, and swim with the big fish every now and then.

Score after Day 2: 0.0 / 4.0

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2 Smart Remarks:

Anonymous Stephanie said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of both games...but keep in good spirits! I know you have a good chance at winning at least 1 of the last 2! :D

3:26 AM  
Anonymous Mrs. Trooper said...

Don't worry if you don't win... it's an awesome learning experience for you and there's always next time! Love you lots *hugs*

6:45 AM  

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