Friday, August 31, 2007

Natasha's Digital Vacation

I just took Natasha to the airport and she's off on her week long trip to visit some of her friends. She'll be going to Pennsylvania, as well as a three day trip to New York City!

This trip incorporates more of the digital lifestyle than us or any of our family have ever done. A digital camera for photos and video, laptop for internet access and file uploads, cell phone (obvious), and an iPod for listening to music (complete with an FM transmitter)! This will be particularly handy in New York, as the hotel provides wireless internet access to its guests, and you as our reader will benefit from the increased information flow.

Natasha will be sending me a daily set of photos along with a written report so I can post it each day. There's even a possibility of a special video report if we can work it out.

I'm home alone for the next week or so but will be quite busy with all sorts of things that I will also be posting about, so keep checking back!

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