Thursday, August 30, 2007

End Of August Update

August has been a busy month even though I haven't reported on a lot of things. I'll try to recap it all here without taking too much time.

Early on in the month we went to see the Celebration of Light fireworks in Vancouver. It's really a spectacular show. I posted an article with a video as well and if you missed it you can go back and see it now. My Mom's birthday was at the beginning of the month as well, and Natasha, my parents, and I went out for a nice meal at The Keg. And on BC Day, our civic holiday, we went to Granville Island and did a little bit of exploring in places we've heard about but never been to.

Then we had our church youth camp, but we only made it to a few of the services. This also led to our 3 hour wait at the border trying to get back into Canada. Enough said about that. I would like to go down to the USA more often but it's just so inconvenient to cross the border for part of a day when you're in line for hours. Take away the border, and I'll be heading down there much more frequently!

We also went to see the Shakespeare play titled The Taming of the Shrew at the yearly Bard on the Beach theatre production. We went last year as well (A Winter's Tale) and will probably go again next year. They are really quite entertaining and it's a fun way to spend an evening. Next year we want to go with other people, so if you are reading this and are interested, keep in touch with us!

And the last couple of weeks have been spent visiting with my grandparents who are in town staying with my parents, as well as spending time with a few of our friends. The last month has been good when it comes to friends. We've got to know a few people for the first time, and sort of renewed a few friendships with plans for more time to spend together in the future.

Looking at my September calendar, it's going to be eventful as well, and is likely to be filled with blog posts, so check back often, especially over the next couple of weeks.

Natasha and I hope that all of you have enjoyed the summer, and wish you all the best in your school, work, and other endeavors as we move through the last third of the year!

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2 Smart Remarks:

Blogger Shelley said...

Glad that you're back posting! I was missing reading your blog. :-)

9:27 AM  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

It is amazing how fast the summer flew by!!

I'm excited about the Fall&Winter though!

The Holiday Seasons are truly "the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" so with that, we welcome the nice cooler air, and the anticipation of what the Holidays will bring!

2:58 PM  

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