Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August 2007

Welcome to the month of August, everyone! July went by quickly as things were so busy, and a majority of it was spent indoors. We got one good bike ride in, and a number of walks in various parks, but it just seems like the summer months are slipping away faster than ever (and with very little in the way of good weather to compensate).

Last week we brought the bikes out of hibernation, wiped the rust of the chains, and went for a spin. We live on a rather steep hill so getting back to the house is a big job, but the rest is fine, and it's nice to know we can leave directly from our house and go on an enjoyable 45 minute ride anytime we want.

An update on the mini-garden too. Our tomato plants are really starting to grow with the increased sunshine (sporadic) and the addition of a tomato fertilizer. Natasha picked the first cherry tomato yesterday, and there's more on the way. The lettuce was pathetic as well and I gave them fertilizer too (right or wrong kind, what do I know?) and it's really grown as well. Almost enough to consider having a salad sometime soon. It would be really nice to have a BBQ and fresh garden salad again.

We hope you're all enjoying the summer and make the best use of it as you can. We have a number of activities coming up over the next month and will post as often as we can.


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Blogger The Atavist said...

We're getting nothing but sunshine, no rain, and everything is turning brown. We sure could use some of that renowned BC rain!

12:43 PM  
Anonymous Sandi H. said...

We've had a very nice summer so far. The warm weather was slow in coming but we've had quite a stretch and are supposed to get more. I agree it goes too fast. 29 days until the kids start school. Oh well there's always Christmas to look forward to!!!

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

The weather here has been hot and dry!! The grass is dying...we haven't had rain in weeks. We could definately use 1 day of heavy rain! :)

Our gardens are practically over with..although we still have some tomatoes left. We've canned a lot of veggies/fruit though, so we are enjoying the benefits of our garden.

The kids start back to school in 2wks here...fall is definately on it's way!

I am looking forward to the fall&winter I LOVE the Holiday Season!

12:55 PM  
Anonymous mom hoyer said...

We enjoy the summer as well...
but I think by favorite season
is Fall. When the leaves change
to all those beautiful colors.
It's especially nice at Susanna's
place when all the large leaves
fall on the front lawns. Also,
the big piles of orange pumpkins!

I have fond memories of playing
in the leaves in our neighbourhood
in Edmonton as a child :-D.
Does anyone remember collecting leaves and ironing them together
between wax paper for a school

11:18 AM  
Anonymous e. said...

Ruth you are dating herself....Yes, I do remember ironing the leaves between wax paper...It seems like it was just yesterday :) My how 40 years fly by.

I love September and October. The fall colors are beautiful, and the temperature is perfect then.

This summer is TOOOOO HOT. We are considering getting air conditioning. But we both noticed that the nights have been much cooler this week. Fall is around the corner :)

9:25 PM  

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