Friday, August 10, 2007

Armed America

In the National Post yesterday (Aug 9, 2007) in the Arts & Life section, was a full page article about a photographer who took up a two year project taking pictures of Americans in their homes... with their guns.

The book, Armed America, has been published, and a photo gallery posted online along with the article. The resulting photos are amazing, and totally unique because without the guns, they would simply be photos of people in their houses.

See the Armed America photo gallery

Talk about a breath of fresh air! I guess being from Canada where guns aren't commonly owned and from a family who aren't hunters (at least not anymore), I just haven't been around guns very much... but I appreciate the people who choose to live that lifestyle and believe in broader freedoms than we have here.

Maybe someday...

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Anonymous Shelley said...

You don't find it a little scary? I prefer less guns however would like a way to protect myself just in case. Something like a tazer?

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

Guns are really common around here...especially since we live in the country!

Sometimes it seems a bit scary, b/c boys start out very young with Bebe guns, and work their way up pretty fast.

With gun cabinets and locks, it makes it a lot safer.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Trooper said...

Our culture has taught people to see guns as scary, and those with them. Look closely at the photos. Families living in nice houses with a pet dog. Everyone's smiling. Nobody is being abused or hurt simply because the family owns guns. In fact, they look like pretty normal families to me. Sure, some of the people in the photos don't look quite as friendly, but that says nothing about them being responsible gun owners.

What does scare me is that guns are used daily for criminal purposes, yet responsible ownership is restricted.

Tazer's, I'm sure, are also restricted. Likely moreso than guns. I doubt a person could go buy one, although with a license, you could purchase a gun.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

breath of fresh air????? that's a scarey point of view, I have to say!

12:21 PM  

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