Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Arctic Quest

There's a new race going on these days, but it's a little closer to home than the space race. And Canada, while having no space capabilities, at least have some aging ships to us. The destination? The North Pole!

It seems as though everyone is taking sudden interest in the area, mostly over the desire for oil rights, and it's become important for everyone to show that they have the means to protect the area... especially Canada.

Russia just sent a submarine to the North Pole to plant a flag on the sea bed, an obvious indication that they're making a claim to the area (Canada and the US both deny this has any legal standing). Right now, the US is sending an icebreaker to the north, and Canada is sending three ships, planning to be in the area over the next few days.

It may not be as huge as going to space, but I'm happy to see that Canada is taking on a more aggressive role, especially when it comes to things right at home. We've neglected the military for too long, relying on the US for support, but I think it's time that we start acting like a country of our size and being able to protect ourselves when necessary.

I have a few links below to articles that give all the details on this, right from the source:


CBC: Planned army base, port in North heat up Arctic quest
CNN: Canadian PM vows to defend Arctic


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Anonymous Stephanie said...

I enjoyed this is pretty interesting!

We'd been talking about it lately, and I'm interested to see the outcome of it all!

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