Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Ideas In Chess

About a month ago, I picked this book up from a guy selling used Chess books at the local club meeting. It came with good recommendations, including one of the top rated players in BC (who is part of the local club as well).

New Ideas In Chess

For $10 (Thanks to Natasha for having the cash on hand!), this was an amazing investment. This book covers a range of topics including Pawn Structure, Time, Force, and Space, and how they relate to each other during the course of a game. It's divided into single or two-page examples which show a tournament game position and discusses what is going on in terms of the current topic.

Overall, it's really changed the way I look at a Chess position now. A lot of books cover opening theory, but this one isn't limited in scope... it covers the entire game with some basic principles.

Now we just need to see how much of an effect it will have over the next few months of play!


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