Thursday, June 28, 2007

June 2007 Updates

It's been a busy month, and it looks like July will be just as busy or worse. As I haven't posted much this month, this is a general update to cover all of the stuff I missed.

Early in June, my two sisters were here to visit, along with their kids, Esther, Heidi, and Silas, and we got to spend a couple of days with them. We had them over for a tasty BBQ, Natasha spent a day with the family around town, and we made a trip to Castle Fun Park for some games.

A couple of weeks ago, after discovering a bulge in my very bald car tires, I had them replaced with shiny new ones. They seem to run really nicely and with some care should last for quite a while.

We also went to our church graduation party, went out for lunch with my parents on Father's day, and got invited over to some friend's place for a Saturday night dinner and games.

This last weekend, we drove up to Kamloops to visit with some of Natasha's family. One of her uncles has cancer and has perhaps only a few weeks or months at most to live. Natasha's Mom was there as well, and it's always nice to see her as she lives all the way across the country. We're hoping she will be able to come down to visit us sometime during her time in BC. The area around Kamloops is really nice... a desert-like valley, a small-town feel, and way better weather than what we've been having in the lower mainland. As soon as we crossed over the mountains on our way back, it went from sunny and clear to clouds and rain.

But that's a whole issue in itself. You should see our tomatos and lettuce... they are sorely lacking in growth because of the lack of sun. What we need is two weeks of 25+ degree celcius weather to really get things going.

This week had been filled with singing practices for Natasha, as she's singing at least three times during the upcoming church convention next week. Next week will be filled with meetings, time with family, and thankfully, a holiday on Monday, July 2nd... for Canada Day on the 1st.

Hope you all had a good June. Here's to a great July!

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Anonymous Stephanie said...

You have sure been busy this summer! It doesn't take much, and a person is so busy, the summer flies by.

July starts out with a lot of celebrating, which gets everything off to a busy start!

I hope everyone has a great Canada Day and Independence Day! :) Everyone be sure to take the time to go see some fireworks! :)

p.s. We look forward to hearing Natasha sing at the convention!

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Tasha said...

Wow... I didn't realize we were SO busy until you summarized it... Phew. I'm worn out just reading it! Well, it was a good month, minus the rain... here's to a great July - Cheers!

1:57 PM  

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