Friday, June 22, 2007

International Space Station

The latest Space Shuttle mission brought some new parts to the ever growing International Space Station (ISS). CBC has an interesting interactive page showing the various parts of the ISS and information on each:

CBC Interactive ISS Map

"During the crew's 14-day mission to the international space station, the astronauts installed a new truss segment, unfurled a new pair of power-generating solar arrays and activated a rotating joint that allows the new solar arrays to track the sun."

Now and then I entertain the idea that technology might allow some sort of space travel for me before I'm too old. On the other hand, considering how many years it has been since people have been going into space, the number of people who have been there is relatively small, although the technology has increased greatly.

International Space Station - June 19, 2007

The current space shuttle is still in orbit after some landing delays due to weather.

"Originally scheduled for 11 days, the mission was extended by two days to give astronauts time to repair a thermal blanket that had peeled away during the June 8 launch. Astronaut Danny Olivas stapled it back into place during a spacewalk. Another extra day in orbit was added after the weather in Florida prevented a landing Thursday."


CBC Interactive ISS
CNN: NASA passes on first chance for Friday shuttle landing


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Anonymous Stephanie said...

I've always wanted to go to space...the earth and the ISS looks so beautiful from that view!

It definately would be an INTERESTING experience to go to space!

I would be up for it, if I knew I would have a safe return! ;)

8:48 AM  

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