Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Chess Rating: April 2007

I play a lot of correspondence Chess online, and it keeps track of just about everything, including each player's rating. Mine goes up and down based on how many games I have going and what level of players I'm up against.

My Chess rating over the last 100 games

The chart runs from right to left, the red arrow showing my current rating.

I've found that I play the best when my opponents are within 50 points of my own rating. That way it's a slow and steady climb, not a roller coaster. The times my rating has gone down is when I get too many games going on (I've had almost 50 going at the same time), and too many players that are well above my own skill level.

I haven't been able to stay above the 1700 mark for very long (I was above 1700 for a ten game stretch back about 200 games ago), and my goal is to get back to that level.


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Anonymous Stephanie said...

Pretty good Chess Ratings! I like playing chess, but don't own a chess board, and have nobody to play with even if I did!

Maybe we can have a game of Chess when we're up there!:D

1:57 PM  

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