Friday, March 16, 2007

Job Hunt, Week Five

This week has been the busiest one of my job search. Some of my resume sending came through, and I had a few leads that popped up quickly. In summary:
  • 2 interviews
  • 2 meetings with recruiters
  • 1 phone interview
  • 1 second interview
One interview I went to, they asked me a bunch of (useless) HR questions like What are your weaknesses? and Are you married? Do you have kids? I'm not even sure that's legal. Oh well, I don't really care. If they don't want me for those reasons, I probably don't want to work there either. Then they went on to technical questions, and finished up by sitting me down at a laptop and getting me to write database queries and Perl code. I really had to work for it, but by what they told me, I'd done better than most people who they'd had in up until that point.

The other company I went to see was really good. Nice people, clean looking office, very professional. No lame questions... in fact they did almost all the talking! And the office is closer to home in an area that's not as busy as downtown Vancouver but isn't isolated either. I've been back for a second interview and am now waiting on a job offer. If all goes well, I could be working as soon as the middle of the week.

After a week of job searching, Natasha and I are going to Whistler on a ski trip with a bunch of people from the church. Should be a good time, and it's sure to produce a boatload of pictures and video.

Have a good weekend!

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