Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Canucks Hockey From The Third Row

Last night, Natasha and I had the unique experience of watching a Vancouver Canucks hockey game from the third row! The company Natasha works for has season tickets, and sometimes these are given out to staff members.

I've sat this close once or twice before, back in Edmonton, and once for a basketball game when the Grizzlies were still in Vancouver. Needless to say, the chance to sit so close doesn't come often so it was a real treat.

How often do you look up at the scoreboard?

The game was entertaining even though the Canucks lost, and we had a good time. Interestingly, I found it somewhat difficult to see the far end of the ice being so close, and in general would prefer to be higher. From a photo perspective, however, it was great, and I have some good shots because of it.

I tried to take a few action shots but they didn't turn out as well as the ones I was able to take during the pauses in action. Sports photographers are able to be even closer, and have faster and better equipment to take the kinds of shots they get. Here they are:

Trevor Linden

Markus Naslund

The Sedin twins, Henrik and Daniel

Even Fin, the team mascot posed for me!

I went through my pictures again and found a good action shot and gives you a better idea of what the view was like from the seats. I actually think Natasha took this one (thanks!).

The view from the 3rd row

So far it's a bit of a slow start for the Canucks, but there's still hope! The regular season hasn't even started yet, and the team has a long ways to go with all of the new additions. Go Canucks Go!

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Anonymous Tasha said...

Fun game! I wish teh Canucks had won... but oh well, I did have fun taking some snapshots, the peanuts were yummy, and it was fun to watch the silly girls in front of us squeal every time a hockey player hit the boards in front of us. It was cool to be so close because we could actually see what the players facial expressions were. Some of those San Jose guys looked a little scary! :).

7:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sooo jealous... I've only ever got to go to minor league hockey games:) Hockey is a fun sport to watch live, wish I could have been there.


Ps I suppose that now I am obligated to be happy that the american team won, but I still say The Montreal Canadians are the best:)

6:30 AM  
Anonymous e. said...


But...I am glad you got the tickets and had a good time !

7:24 AM  
Blogger Jenny said...

its great sitting that close, but like you i prefer to be alittler higher up as well. You get a better view of the ice. It is neat sitting so close though, when a player gets checked into the boards.... the expressions on their face are HILARIOUS !.... it sure makes a loud noise when you're sitting right there though, even the puck hitting the boards right in front of you is LOUD ! :) I can't wait to go to a game. :) GO CANUCKS GO !!!!!!!!!!!

i need to get a job where the company has season's tickets haha

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Stephanie said...

Down here in Arkansas, Hockey is not popular at all! I enjoy watching Hockey though, and enjoy live hockey games! I'd like to go again sometime...I'd like to watch the Oilers play! :) I think Terrill would enjoy a live Hockey game!

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Sandi H. said...

Great pictures! I wonder if the media got pictures that good.

I say "Go Oilers Go"!

6:33 PM  

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