Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Canucks Hockey From The Third Row

Last night, Natasha and I had the unique experience of watching a Vancouver Canucks hockey game from the third row! The company Natasha works for has season tickets, and sometimes these are given out to staff members.

I've sat this close once or twice before, back in Edmonton, and once for a basketball game when the Grizzlies were still in Vancouver. Needless to say, the chance to sit so close doesn't come often so it was a real treat.

How often do you look up at the scoreboard?

The game was entertaining even though the Canucks lost, and we had a good time. Interestingly, I found it somewhat difficult to see the far end of the ice being so close, and in general would prefer to be higher. From a photo perspective, however, it was great, and I have some good shots because of it.

I tried to take a few action shots but they didn't turn out as well as the ones I was able to take during the pauses in action. Sports photographers are able to be even closer, and have faster and better equipment to take the kinds of shots they get. Here they are:

Trevor Linden

Markus Naslund

The Sedin twins, Henrik and Daniel

Even Fin, the team mascot posed for me!

I went through my pictures again and found a good action shot and gives you a better idea of what the view was like from the seats. I actually think Natasha took this one (thanks!).

The view from the 3rd row

So far it's a bit of a slow start for the Canucks, but there's still hope! The regular season hasn't even started yet, and the team has a long ways to go with all of the new additions. Go Canucks Go!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Welcome To Fall 2006

The first day of Fall passed by without me noticing it. September 23rd was the first official day of Fall. The weather's definitely been cooler these days, although when the sun is shining, the afternoons are really enjoyable.

Hope you all had a great Summer. Time to enjoy the cooler weather, changing colors, and getting ready for the holiday season!

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Breaking News: Canada Is Weak

Okay, so we all know that Canada isn't a military country, more into peacekeeping, and I'm pretty much okay with that (especially considering we have the United States to protect us if necessary).

But yesterday, the border guards watchers at some of the BC crossings simply walked off the job because of a report that an armed man was headed for Canada. They have no weapons, and under their rules, they are allowed to abandon a post when it becomes a dangerous situation.

It's no wonder other countries look at Canada as a weak point when it comes to defence, terrorism, etc. We can't even protect against one dangerous man, let alone an organized group.

Until yesterday, I didn't really realize how bad this situation is, and I think we should all be pushing for a faster and better solution. They say it could take up to 10 years before all border guards have guns, but that's far too long. Personally, I'm calling on the government to station Canadian Armed Forces soldiers at every border crossing to provide protection for the guards and the country until further measures can be put into place.

So, is Canada weak? Well, maybe not altogether, but we sure need some work taking a stand where it needs to be done. Our country needs protection, let's put it in place!


Monday, September 18, 2006

Four Days Late

Natasha's been singing for many years, on her own, with her brother, and with her family's Southern Gospel group back in New Brunswick.

I'm proud to feature her latest recording which was done at our church with a choir backing her up. I'm also proud to say that I was singing the tenor part. Me sing tenor? Hard to believe, I know, but I can usually squeek out the high notes with a little bit of work.

This song was originally recorded by Karen Peck and New River.

Here's our version: Four Days Late


Friday, September 15, 2006

100 Days 'Till Christmas Eve

Wow, big milestone today, 100 days 'till Christmas Eve. We, along with many people of European background, have our main Christmas celebration (translated: feasting, but don't get me started on the food!) and gift giving on Christmas Eve, not Christmas Day. Why this is, I'm not totally sure. Might have something to do with certain people not being able to wait one more day to see what people bought them. Actually there's probably some historical reason, I just haven't thought much about it (the Wikipedia article mentions the day various countries celebrate on, but gives no reasons).

Certain stores already have Christmas stuff out for sale, which is ridiculous, but people are buying so why wouldn't they? If you're doing any shopping this year, don't wait 'till the last minute, get it done early. I have some bad stories about trying to find parking at the big malls in the final weeks before the holidays.

I've added a countdown clock to the right-hand side, so you can keep tabs on just how much time you have left!

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Monday, September 11, 2006

September 11 - Five Years Later

Today is five years since the day of the terrorist attacks and subsequent collapse of the World Trade Center buildings in New York City.

WTC2 explodes as a plane hits the building

Much has changed in those five years, some for the better, others for the worse. Or have things really changed at all? No doubt the next year or two will bring a whole bunch of events to keep us guessing. Our support goes out to all the people throughout the world involved in fighting terrorism and the enemies of our country.

I've added a new section to the left navigation bar called "Keeping Informed" which will list news sites, blogs, and other sources of information on current events.

Thinking back five years, it's hard to believe that so much time has already past. But day by day, time passes and here we are at the fifth anniversary.

My question for you is... Where were you when you heard about the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center? Post a comment and tell us where you were and a little about what went on around you during that time.

Update -- Video

Just browsing the web for 9/11 related stuff. Here's an interesting video that some guy put together with a lot of news footage from the day this happened.

Update -- On the right track

I appear to be right on track with the "Where were you?" theme. I saw two or three papers today that have the same kind of wording in the headlines, as well as other sites which are posting places to add your stories. Could be after 5 years, people really start reflecting back on an event.

Update -- 9/11 slideshow

Here's a great slideshow of pictures from 9/11. Forgotten the images you saw five years ago? See this!

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Friday, September 08, 2006

300th Post!

Hello readers!

This is the 300th post to my blog since starting it in February 2005! I'd like to thank all of my regular visitors for keeping up with what's going on and especially for posting comments.

Natasha and I hope to continue keeping you up to date with our lives, interests, and to make sure you get and eye-full of pictures to go along with it.

Bookmark us, and keep visiting!

Andrew & Natasha

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pot Roast

It's been a long time since I made a post about food! On Tuesday evening, Natasha put together a roast to be eaten on Wednesday. The onions and potatos came from our garden. We would have used the carrots too, but they've turned out kind of bitter (we think the soil isn't the best... if we are still living here next year, we're going to bring in some better dirt).

In the morning, in went the roast!

Pot Roast ready to go

10 hours in the crock pot on low, and off to work we went. When we arrived home, the house was smelling great and opening the lid, we found this:

Tasty and ready to eat after 10 hours

The meat was so soft, when I tried to slice it with a knife, it broke into a few large pieces which I simply broke smaller and put on the platter.

Supper is served!

Mmm-mmm-mmm! Isn't food great?! As you can see, this is too much food for one meal, so some of it's in the freezer for a few tasty lunches over the next while. Thanks for the great meal, hun! =o)


Saturday, September 02, 2006


On Thursday we attended a company sponsored bowling event. Free pizza, free bowling, could it be any better? Well, actually it could. Watch this video clip to see how little experience I have at this:

Click here to start video

I can't really leave it at that. Believe it or not, I actually got a couple of strikes and spares, like the one shown here:

Click here to start video

We had a good time, but the general consensus was that the curling event was more fun.

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