Thursday, June 29, 2006

Cornmeal Pancakes

While my parents were on their last trip, they sent us a nice postcard with a recipe for Cornmeal Pancakes.

Last week we decided to try them out.

Hey they don't look the same! Oh well, next time I'm going to use a small round frying pan. I wanted to do two at a time, so I used a larger one, and they ended up with an oval shape.

They turned out great anyway, and were really tasty. And as always, I made a large mess in the process. =)


The Lion Of Israel

This editorial cartoon appeared in the National Post this morning. Cox and Forkum really come up with some especially powerful cartoons and it's good to see they're being published more widely.


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Israel Making Moves

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) moved into the Gaza strip last night, in an attempt to recover a kidnapped soldier.

Since I have no TV to watch live footage, I have to rely on the internet for information.

Here's my link list:

Israelly Cool - Minute by Minute coverage of events

Vital Perspective - More very up to date reports

CNN - A generally good source of current events


Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sewing Lessons

Natasha has been wanting to fix / modify some of her clothes for a while now, and Mom brought her sewing machine over tonight so she can give it a try. Unfortunately, when Natasha was in high school, the Home Economics class didn't exist anymore, so up until today, I had more experience on a sewing machine than she did. That will soon change no doubt, which is fine by me. Anyway, I hardly think sewing is un-manly... there are many male tailors and I quite enjoyed sewing and cooking in Home Economics!

Back to the topic at hand...

Mom gives a few pointers about sewing

Natasha doing some sewing practice

We look forward to seeing what comes of this new venture! Good luck with the sewing, Tasha. Feel free to call me if you make any birds nests! =o)


When I was born, my parents bought me a stuffed bunny as a toy. At that time its fur was thick, and it was nice and fluffy.

After some time, because I had two younger siblings, and because I didn't develop any lasting attachment to dolls, "Bunny" was passed on to one of my younger sisters, Stephanie. And that's where the story really takes off.

Bunny was her favorite toy and even when she grew up, she could never part from it. It was always around, even had clothes, and believe it or not, it came on the family vacations! Probably the only time it was left behind is when she went on her trip to Arkansas to see her future hubby, Terrill. =) Bunny has stayed with Stephanie, and now belongs to her oldest daughter and my niece, Esther.

So guess what, my parents were down to visit my sisters a few weeks ago, and you know who was there? That's right, Bunny.

Bunny got her own seat in the car...

We know Bunny doesn't eat, but she came into the restaurant apparently! Can you believe a stuffed animal of 25+ years and so well traveled can look this good?

Oh look, Bunny's even a tourist!

After all this time (over 25 years) and much traveling, Bunny's a little more worn, but still in great shape and continues to be present on all family holidays. Bunny's cousin, Caramel (a stuffed dog) is the newest member to the family and they plan to do some traveling on their own and together in the coming years.


Dad and Mom came over for supper tonight and brought Bunny and Caramel with them too to visit with their uncle, Rueben!

Bunny and Caramel visiting with Reuben

We also found out that there are some pictures of Bunny at Niagra Falls. If Dad puts up a "Bunny's Adventure" album sometime, we'll get to see them all.

String Of Flowers

We have these kinds of flowers all over the place this time of year. I thought these ones looked particularly nice.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Happy Summer, 2006!

Yesterday was the first official day of Summer! We're looking forward to lots of nice weather, and a whole lot of fun during the next few months, and continuing well into the fall.

Keep your eyes out for some good stories and a lot of pictures!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

New Job For Natasha

Natasha started her job search a week ago, and guess what? She already got a job! She posted her resume on and and without applying for anything she received three calls for interviews!

She went for two interviews with a company called TransGlobe Property Management Services and yesterday was offered the position of Maintenance Coordinator, which she accepted. She will be working mainly with the Maintenance Manager doing maintenance work orders, organizing the maintenance men, some purchasing of inventory, and other things that may come up as the company gets busier.

The TransGlobe offices are only a few blocks from where I work and a short walk from the West Coast Express so we will be able to travel to work together, or drive when we find it more convenient. Lunch together once in a while will be great as well!

Congrats on the new job!

Monday, June 19, 2006


Hello readers,

I'm shocked to see that eight days have passed by with no updates. It's not that things haven't been happening... in fact there's a ton going on.

Last week was absolutely stuffed with things to do, and there wasn't even a single day where we had free time.

Anyway, we've been spending time with friends, and Natasha's been going for a few job interviews. So it's been a fun time the past little while.

I'll look through my photos for the last few weeks and see what I can scrounge together for a post. Don't give up, keep checking back! =)


Sunday, June 11, 2006

New Vase And Roses

Today we came across a couple of great buys. We started off the day going to two garage sales, at one of which we found this lovely vase for 50 cents. The roses were picked at my parent's house this afternoon.

Other things we bought at the garage sales: A tall vase, a woven basket, and three board games!

Friday, June 09, 2006

It's Greek To Me

So get this... when Natasha and I were in Drumheller, we wanted to choose a restaurant to eat supper, and settled on a Greek place we saw in some tourist information. We headed over and when we got there, it was a rundown-ish building and I almost decided to move on. But we thought we'd at least peek inside to see what's there.

Turns out, the inside is way nicer, and we sit down. We're looking around at the place and the staff, and realize we're sort of inside the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding! Small kind of place, the whole family working. The Mom is serving food, the brother and sister are in the kitchen, the Dad sitting at the back watching something on TV, etc.

We got our food and started chowing down (it was really tasty) when another couple entered (until that point we were the only ones). Apparently they knew the staff well as they began chatting away and mentioned the name Natasha (the Mom).

The next time she came by our table, Natasha (mine) struck up a conversation with the other Natasha and mentioned the fact that they shared the same name. This is when we realized we really were "in the movie".

She immediately started telling us how most people think Natasha is a Russian name, but actually it came from the Greek! Wow! We haven't looked into it at all, but the information seemed good, and quite interesting.

Anyway, the place was really nice and we'll probably look them up next time we're in the area..


Thursday, June 08, 2006

May Trip: People

As we were traveling around the countryside, our main focus wasn't taking pictures of people, but we did take a couple of us here and there.

Natasha at Lake Louise

Our first stop once we reached Alberta was Lake Louise, and I took this picture with the mountain and lake in the background.

Andrew at Bow Falls

The next day we were touring Banff and saw the Bow Falls near the Banff Springs Hotel. I went for the fun pose before a few serious shots (not shown here).

The two of us at the Hoodoos

The Hoodoos were interesting although the pictures in the tourist guides make them seem like they're 50 feet tall. In reality, they might be 10 to 15 feet at most, but they're still nice to see. You can walk around them a bit but because the ground is fragile, you're not supposed to stray from the path (this didn't hinder the busload of school kids that swarmed the side of the mountain just before we arrived).

Andrew & Natasha in Calgary

And the one special picture of the trip, taken in Calgary by Auntie Elsie. I think she's going to need to upgrade her camera, she's quite the photographer!

We have a few other pictures of people but I'm not sure they want their pictures online so I'll just send them to you directly if there's a good one or two.

Wait a second, that's not a person! Oh well, he's wearing a Tilley... surprising they became extinct being smart enough to wear such nice hats!

Next Trip Report: Places


Monday, June 05, 2006

Canada Not Exempt From Terrorism

This is hardly breaking news, but I just want to put together a collection of resources for people who want to read more about the recent arrests in Ontario in relation to terrorist plot.

Some will probably think "Why Canada? We're peaceful, we're not involved, we support everyone. We're multicultural!". Sorry, that won't work here. Terrorism doesn't consider any factor besides it's own ends. It hates the hand that feeds it. In fact, multiculturalism is only a tool in their hands.

Here's a list of articles related to the current events in Ontario:

CNN: Terrorists targeted Canadian landmarks

Guns heard at alleged terror camp

CTV Report on Canadian Jihad (video)

CNN: Toronto terror plot foiled -- Canada

CBC Indepth: Bomb-plot sweep

Thursday, June 01, 2006

May Trip: Wildlife

Since a lot happened on our trip, I'm going to split it up into smaller parts so I can cover everything without being overwhelmed.

Since our trip took us through both Banff and Jasper, there was ample opportunity to see and photograph wildlife.

We didn't see any animals until we got into Alberta and went to Lake Louise. There we found a really nice looking grey bird which I'd never seen before and am unsure what kind it is. Perhaps a smart reader knows or is willing to do the research to find out for us. =)

Mystery 'Grey Bird'

Further along into Banff we spotted our first large animal, an elk. Pretty standard for a drive through the mountains. We stopped on the side of the highway and I jumped out for some closer shots. A few more cars started to slow around the area and the elk decided to run across the road. Natasha was waiting with her camera for a few more pictures, and then we decided to get out of the way and back on the trail.

Elk posing for pictures

And on our way home, the best find of all!!

A bear!!

That's right, a really nice bear, feasting on grass in a small meadow just off the side of the road. We were zipping along and I just happened to glance right and see it before we passed. I turned around up ahead and pulled up on the road beside it. Natasha started shooting (a whole roll of film worth, thank goodness for digital!). The bear wasn't cooperating very well (some hooting and hollering helped) but she managed at least a few good shots.

Next on the trip report: People


Hello June, Hello Summer

Hello readers, happy June! It's hard to believe the year is nearly half over. Time really flies when you're having fun!

June also brings us the first day of Summer, which is Wednesday the 21st.

It's been a little slow here on the blog lately but I have a number of things coming up from our vacation last week. There's some really neat pictures, I just need to find a bit of time to work on the pictures and write up the posts. Keep checking back!